The Active Communities Pledge is an initiative of Share the Road Cycling Coalition to encourage voters and candidates to be champions for cycling and active transportation in the upcoming October 27th Municipal election.

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(Note: you will have the opportunity to review the whole pledge before you sign on)

Holistic High Blood Pressure Remedies and Prevent High Blood Pressure by Biking

Effective high blood pressure remedies must involve the whole being of the person who is ill. A holistic approach to medication is necessary in overcoming high blood pressure, or reducing the risk of it. What does "holistic approach" to medication mean? It means that remedies for the increase of high blood pressure must involve the will, the body, and the environment of the person being treated.

The Will

A person experiencing hypertension must not succumb to the thinking that he is ill and can no longer enjoy life as before. The ill person might despair because of the consequences of not caring for his health. He will always be tempted to limit his association with others because of self-pity. The person has to adjust - he must avoid being stressed-out at work and at home and he can no longer eat everything that is served on the table during parties.

The hypertension patient must be totally willing to accept these changes and stop envying the health of other people. Instead, he must exercise contentment and gratitude towards God who gives him more time to live. In this way, the illness can turn into an opportunity - an opportunity to grow in the attitude of thanksgiving rather than resentment towards his Creator.

The Body

High blood pressure remedies does not only involve having the right attitude towards illness, but also it requires the "training" of the body. Proper diet and regular exercise are basic elements to care for one's body. Even if you're not sick, these can serve as preventive measures towards living healthy in the future.

People with high blood pressure will not be able to adjust easily since the demands of a healthy diet for them are overwhelming. They must discipline themselves to avoid eating fatty and salty foods. If they are deliberate enough in establishing a healthy diet, they can make a weekly menu to closely guard their intake of the necessary nutrients to fight high blood pressure.

Another essential element that contribute to the effectivity of high blood pressure remedies is regular exercise. Whole body exercise is best for everyone, but the hypertension patient must prioritize cardiovascular exercises. They must purposely seek exercises that will make significant progress to their blood circulation and blood pressure condition.

Both regular exercise and proper diet are essential remedies to ensure normal blood pressure. The person fighting this illness must put enough time and effort to establish them as their lifestyle.

The Environment

Some people think that proper diet and exercise are enough. But how about the environment? Social environment as well as the places to where you usually go to are also factors that must be considered in pursuing a healthy life.

Your associations matter because your friends and family would either encourage you take care of your health or influence you to take your health condition lightly. There are people in your life who will come alongside to help you reduce the risk of high blood pressure by encouraging you unto discipline and self-control regarding your blood pressure. Sometimes these people will be willing to sacrifice eating a certain meal which you can't eat just to show their support to you.

But there are also people who will do the opposite. You can either stay a little away from them, or practice discipline when you're with them.

Also, if you can avoid places that tempt you to eat what is prohibited, the do so. You can also politely and sincerely say "no" to your friends' party invitations when you know that you will just be tempted to drink alcohol and eat food that are poison to your present health condition.

We invite you to be a champion for active transportation by taking the Active Communities Pledge!

Take the Pledge!  I am a Candidate for Office in Ontario Election 2011 Take the Pledge!  I am a Voter in Ontario Election 2011

(Note: you will have the opportunity to review the whole pledge before you sign on)


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In a 2014 survey conducted by Share the Road, 67% of the Ontario Residents said that they would be more likely to ride their bikes more often if their community had more and better cycling infrastructure. The survey also found that:

The same 2014 survey also found that better bike infrastructure is the number one way way to encourage more Ontarians to ride a bike.

That's why cycling infrastructure investments must be a concern for all candidates running in this fall’s Ontario municipal elections – and for every voter as well.