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Here is a list of Candidates who have pledged their support for Active Communities. (Click a category title below to see the list sorted alphabetically by that category - eg. Community)

First Name Last Name Community Position sought Ward
Aaron Blair Guelph School Board Trustee 2, 3, 4
Aaron Burchat Cobourg Councillor
Adam Koven Kingston Councillor Sydenham
Adrian Foster Clarington Mayor
Aidan Johnson Ward 1 Hamilton, ON Ward 1 City Councillor Ward 1
Ajay Krishnan Whitby Town Councillor, East Ward 4
Akilah Haneef-Jabari Whitby DDSB School Trustee N/A
Alex Cullen Ottawa City Councillor Bay Ward
Alex Denonville City Of Windsor Councillor Ward 6
Alex Green Guelph Councillor 5
Alex Buchanan Orangeville Councillor
Alyssa Blais Cornwall Councillor
Amy England Oshawa Regional Councillor
Andrea Omat Whitby Durham District School Board Trustee
Andrew Clubine Waterloo School Board Trustee (Public) Waterloo-Wilmot
Andrew Donovan Guelph Mayor
Andrew Johnson Cambridge Mayor
Andy Petrowski St. Catharines/Niagara Regional Councillor
Angela Vieth City Of Waterloo Ward 3councillor
Angie Desmarais Port Colborne, ON Councillor Two
Anita Dubeau Penetanguishene Deputy Mayor
Anthony Longo Thorold City Councillor
Arlene VanderBeek Dundas Councillor 13 - Dundas
Arthur Augustine Durham Region Regional Chairman
Barb Bierman Cambridge City Councillor 2
Barb Stuhlemmer Barrie Councillor 2
Barbara McCool North Bay Trustee
Barbara Butters Port Colborne Councillor 4
Barry Ward Barrie Councilor 4
Bernadette Clement Cornwall Councillor
Bernard Cameron Mississippi Mills Councillors Almonte
Berry Vrbanovic City Of Kitchener Mayor
Bil Ioannidis Kitchener Councillor 7
Bill Baker Town Of Essex Mayor Current Councillor Ward 3
Bill Sandiford Whitby Councillor East Ward 4
Bill Longworth Oshawa Mayor
Bill Longworth Oshawa Mayor
Bob Senechal Guelph Councillor 5
Bob Bell Guelph Councillor 1
Bob Moore Guelph Councillor Ward 3
Bob Kilger City Of Cornwall Mayor
Bob Hartley Whitby Mayor
Bonnie Crombie Mississauga Mayor
Brenda Slomka Kingston Mayor
Brendan Hill Oshawa DDSB Trustee
Brian McHattie Hamilton, Ontario Mayor
Brian Nicholson Oshawa City And Regional Councillor
Brian Black Clarington K.P.R.D. School Board Trustee
Brian Darling Cobourg Councillor
Brian Jackson City Of Barrie Councillor Ward 9
Brian Heit St. Catharines, Regional Councillor
Brian Van Tilborg Brantford Councillor Ward 5
Brock Frost Cornwall Councillor
Cam Galindo Hamilton - Stoney Creek Councillor 9
Cam Hoffman Bracebridge Ward Macaulay
Cameron Dearlove Kitchener Regional Councillor Kitchener
Carilyne Hébert City Of Cornwall City Concillor
Carol Millar Waterloo/Wilmot Public School Board Trustee
Carol Millar Waterloo/Wilmot Public School Trustee
Carole Nichols Midland Councillor 2
Carole Nichols Midland Councillor 2
Cate Root Ward 3, Waubaushene, Tay Township Councillor
Catherine Fortin LeFaivre Ottawa Councillor Rideau-Vanier
Catherine McKenney Centretown/ Dalhousie Candidate For Council Somerset Ward
Cathy Downer Guelph City Council 5
Cathy Abraham Municipality Of Clarington Trustee, Kawartha Pine Ridge DSB
Chris Loblaw London Thames Valley District School Board Trustee 1,11,12,14
Chris Letizi City Of Kitchener Councillor 2
Chris Erl Hamilton Public School Board Trustee Wards 1 _ 2
Chris Keleher Sr. Guelph Councillor Ward 2
Chris Mayne North Bay Council
Chris Butryn Whitby Councillor West (2)
Chris Leahy Whitby Councillor West Ward 2
Chris Gerrits Township Of Amaranth Councillor
Chris Brunelle Whitby Councilor East Ward 4
Christa Lowry Mississippi Mills Councillor Ramsay Ward
Christina Bisanz Newmarket Councillor Ward 7
Cindy Ciancio North Bay City Counsellor
Clare Riepma Barrie Councillor 1
Clive Smith Waterloo Councillor 4
Connie Morrison Tay Township Councillor 2
Connie Positano Barrie School Trustee SMCDSB 1-5
Councillor Dan Glenn-Graham Kitchener Mayor
Craig Chamberlain Guelph Councillor 3
Dan Graham Kitchener Ward 2 Councillor Ward 2
Dan Hammond Oshawa Mayor
Dan La Rose Penetanguishene Councillor Ward #1
Dan Gibson Guelph City Councilor Ward 1
Dan Rodrigues Ward 6 Councillor Six
Daniel Seguin North Bay Mayor
Daryl Vaillancourt North Bay Councillor
Dave Jaworsky City Of Waterloo Mayor
Dave Schnider Kitchener City Councillor 2
Dave Wilson Brockville, Ontario Councillor N/A
Dave Sansom Whitby Ward Councillor Centre Ward 3
Dave Sansom Whitby Councillor Ward 3

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